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Importance of creation in your life

Life is like climbing a mountain. If you stop, you put yourself in danger. The older you become, the steeper the mountain. Your body is very smart and flexible, but it does not like to spend energy there were not needed. Anything that is not continuously challenged eventually grows weaker. Keep going.

Tea quality and character

There are many factors that contribute to the quality of tea. These include the environment the tea is growing in, timing of the harvest and how it is processed. Especially how it is heated, rolled and dried can significantly change the quality of the leaves.

Acupuncture collaboration in Stockholm

We are now collaboration with Dr. Chungui Yang and share practices at his acupuncture clinic Kinesisk Hälsovård in Hjorthagen, Stockholm! With this collaboration, we can offer combined services where you can benefit from Dr. Yang’s treatments, courses and expertise at the same location.