Wellness, meditation and personal development.
Wellness, meditation and personal development.

Importance of creation in your life

What is the importance of creation? Your body is very smart and flexible, but it does not like to spend energy there were not needed. Anything that is not continuously challenged eventually grows weaker. Just like muscles grow weaker when not exercised, an unexercised mind will become lazier too. It happens faster than we realize, so here is a reminder.

This does not mean you have to constantly push yourself. Relaxation and recreation are equally important. It just means you should have something to look forward to and not sit idle. This could be something you like the do in your spare time, as long as it promotes your personal growth. Watching cat videos all day may not qualify.

Let us look back at this year, or last year. Do you feel you have learnt anything new? Any personal achievements you are particularly proud about? Anything you would like to spend more time on? Identify the things that promote your personal growth and the things that are in the way.

Project and creations can take time. While you are working hard to maintain your health, economy and family, the time for creation may be minimal. Sometimes very minimal…You may have to do it on the side, even if just a little bit. If you feel this is something you are struggling with, read more about the 5 key principles which I hope can help you take the first steps in the right direction.

You must motivate yourself, find passion in what you do, exercise, and strive to learn something new. It is up to you to find what that is and how much time you are willing to put into it. Life is like climbing a mountain. If you stop, you put yourself in danger. The older you become, the steeper the mountain. Keep going.