Wellness, meditation and personal development.
Wellness, meditation and personal development.

Making time for growth

We live in a well-integrated modern society, often driven by consumption. Not just consumption of goods, but especially consumption of time. We subscribe to many things that may or may not be important. Designed this way, to encourage further and continuous consumption. Doesn’t matter if it’s free because it costs your time, the highest currency. The struggle with time is real, so we should ask a few simple questions:

  • Do my activities contribute to my health, personal growth or my goals?
  • If not, would it not be a good idea to allocate this time onto other activities?

Sounds logic enough, however these instant reward systems and activities that give you gratification may have become a bit of an addiction.

  • Can you really find the discipline and motivation for change?
  • Are you not afraid that in many years time you may not be able to reach your goals in life, but instead you would have become an expert in consuming time? Do you think it’s worth it?

Perhaps you already have consistent sleep, eat proper meals, regularly work out, invest time on studies or work, have a social life, pursue your goals, and have time to spare for yourself. Yes? Managing your time correctly is an important factor to health, happiness and growth.

If you would like to get started with time management but do not know how, you may be interested in the 5 key principles.