Wellness, meditation and personal development.
Wellness, meditation and personal development.

Regular workout and healthy activity

Regular workout

Regular workout is a basic need that everyone should incorporate in their life to maintain healthy muscle mass and function. Muscles that are not continuously challenged will grow weaker, even weaker beyond the minimal need to support basic activity if we allow it.

Even at healthy age, there are those who suffer from going up the stairs or struggle with the simplest of movements such as sitting down and getting up due to knee pain for example. Often the complaints are that we are “getting older”. Most of them may simply be getting weaker and could regain much of their vigour with regular activity. The self-harm of being idle for years is serious and that is what I would like to highlight today.

Activity and health benefits

Especially applicable to those who have an office job where they sit behind the desk the entire day for years where muscles have significantly deteriorated. A lot of the strain we see on joints is due to weak surrounding muscles. If these muscles are too weak, rather than absorbing intensity with muscular structures, we fall back to using tendons and bone structures. This can also be due to, or lead to, bad posture and excessive stress on joints.

Regular workout should not be seen as a hobby or an extra investment. It is not something you do simply out of interest. Everyone needs to have regular activity just the way we try to eat and sleep regularly. Best way to do this is to start slow and easy, and gradually increase intensity. I recommend that you find an exercise routine that fits your level and needs. When done safely, regular workout comes with so many other benefits too.

For example, did you know that you can triple the number of mitochondria in cells within the first few weeks of exercise? Mitochondria are responsible for production of energy in cells by converting sugars. That is a lot! More energy, better metabolism, and circulation. It is equally important for your mental health to feel stronger. You are capable of a lot more than you may think. Re-discover yourself and commit.