Wellness, meditation and personal development.
Wellness, meditation and personal development.

Tips to stay healthy during changing seasons

Seasons are ever changing; it is already getting colder here in Stockholm. Do not let the changing season take you by surprise. It is not uncommon to feel less energetic towards the end of the year. We may end up falling ill or feeling somewhat depressed if we do not adapt properly. Here are some tips to help avoid that.

Adapting to the changing seasons

Firstly, staying aware of the weather and dressing accordingly is something we must adapt to from day one. This is key to allow your immune system to adjust to the changes of the seasons. Getting cold during this time is a loss of energy that your body does not expect; a dent in the immune system so to speak. Often, external pathogens are ever present ready to make us sick, but it is our immune system that ensures that does not happen.

Secondly, changes in daylight can trick us. This could disturb the natural clock of the body, such as a consistent sleep schedule. Try not to compromise your daily habits until you have adapted to the changing daylight by putting extra attention to this. Read more about the natural body clock.

Maintaining motivation

Thirdly, the sunlight is a great source of energy and motivation. Towards the winter, with less daylight, our activity levels may drop and so we need to find other sources of energy to keep us motivated. With less activity and more time for reflection, we may suddenly realise there is an inner need for motivation. We could even describe this as a form of boredom but in some cases, it could lead to depression.

For this, I recommend meditation which will allow you to reflect regularly and get use to situations like these. Meditate to find a quality within yourself that can keep you motivated instead of fully relying on external sources of motivation. Contrary to this, it is still very important to maintain forms of external activity to fight this “boredom”. Keep busy.

I hope these tips are helpful to you. Stay strong and take care!